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Where To Buy Neat

I have been researching eco friendly cleaning products for a while, and neat popped up, had everything I wanted, stainless steel and glass refill bottle, it came well packaged and easy to assemble, as one person has said the nozel is a bit soft and this can be a little difficult to turn on but I've left mine in the on position, it may loosen as it's used. Originally I had doubts that it would clean as well but by God it's brilliant, the mango and fig smell is to die for, spray on and leave a little while then wipe, it has even cleaned the cooker top with dried on food.The bathroom cleaner works just as well brings things nice and clean, but I find that this smells like you typical bathroom cleaner and I've never been a fan of that, but other than that it's brilliant.The glass cleaner can clean mirrors with no residue, it's cleaned my lime scaled shower doors (with a scrubber) then a buff. My hair sprayed mirror it has got the fine spray hairspray residue off but not the larger blobs but even convention cleaners did not clean this, but I will try taking the mirror down and leaving it to soak to see if that works, Excellent products I leave on the side as they are to nice to put in the cupboard, will definitely be buying a subscription in the future, hopefully more fragrances added to line. X

where to buy neat

Brilliant, cleans really effectively in the kitchen using the multi surface cleaner and in the bathroom and on mirrors and windows. I love the fresh fragrances, they are not over powering and smell lovely. I chose the customer starter bundle where you can choose any 3 fragrances. I love the fact that they are environmentally friendly ingredients and packaging and life time reusable aluminium bottles and good value for money. I'm definitely going to try some of the other fragrances available and recommend to my friends and family to try.

I ordered the essentials bundle for moving into my new house and I cannot fault any of the sprays! They all smell lovely - I can be easily put off by a weird smelling cleaning product - so that says something. They seem to be lasting for ages and the bottles are really good quality. I am so pleased to be able to use a eco-friendly cleaning product in my new home and look forward to trying out the other scent options to see if there is any others I like. I would love to see the neat. product line expand as I received great customer service and would happily buy more eco-friendly and sustainable cleaning options from them.

Call 800-NEATBED (800-632-8233) or email for all your custom bedding needs. Check Out Our Customer Reviews! "I'm so happy I finally found someone to make sheets and a mattress pad that fit my split king adjustable bed." A. Smallwood,CA "Thank you for the custom-made fitted sheets for our motorhome. They fit perfectly!" P.L. Valdez, WY

When we moved from California to Texas, especially after such a chaotic move, the last thing I wanted to do was unpack all the boxes and figure out where everything went. For our anniversary, Daniel hired the Neat Method to come unpack and organize everything and they were amazing! I wanted to share some Neat Method tips with you guys! 041b061a72


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