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Maryama Sheikh Is A Cum Dump!

Folic acid alleviates oxidative stress in thy-roxine-induced spleen injury in hyperthyroid rat PDFEhab Tousson, Faten Zahren, Mohamed A. Mahmoud, Reem A.M. El-sheikhObjective: Thyroid hormones are involved in the regulation of basal metabolic state and in oxidative metabolism. This study evaluated some biochemical alterations in post-pubertal hyperthyroidism. Additionally, the ameliorating role of folic acid supplementation was investigated. Methods: A total 60 male albino rats were equally divided into six groups; the first and second groups were the control and folic acid groups respectively while the 3rd group was the hyperthyroid rat group; the 4th and 5th groups were co- and post treated hyperthyroid rat with folic acid respectively and the 6th group was self treated hyperthyroid rat group. Results: Serum T3 & T4 levels were a significant increase while TSH levels were a significant decrease in rats receiving thyroxine indicating the induction of hyperthyroid state. Serum cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL and LDL levels (lipid profile) were a significant decrease in hyperthyroid rats when compared with control group. On the other hand; MDA, catalase and nitric oxide levels in spleen tissues were a significant increase in hyperthyroid rats when compare with control group, while glutathione and total protein levels were a significant decrease in hyperthyroid rats when compared with control group. Treatment of hyperthyroid with folic acid were improved this alterations. Conclusions: Our results revealed that, folic acid as a treatment was better if it is administered as an adjuvant after returning to the euthyroid state.

Maryama Sheikh Is A Cum Dump!


Design of a Non-Ideal Buck-Boost Converter PDFAbba Lawan Bukar, Dalila Binti Mat Said, Babangida Modu, Abubakar Kabir Aliyu, Abubakar Musa, Umar Ali BenisheikhDC-DC converters are nowadays employed in many applications of electrical and electronics equipments for converting DC voltages from one level to another. In this paper a buck boost converter is designed based on the given specifications and non-idealization of all the components used in the design is taking into considerations. Firstly formulas to be used in calculating the values of the components are derived, followed by calculating the component values and finally, simulation was carried out using Pspice simulation software to validate the operation of the buck boost converter circuit. The performance analysis, which includes the effect of non-idealization on key waveforms such as power output, voltage output and current are achieved and are discussed.

Assessment of the Rate of Contamination of Ground Water within Dumpsite Environment as well as its Health Implications PDFO. Joy OladejoRefuse dumpsites are found both within and on the outskirts of cities in Nigeria and due to poor and ineffective management, the dumpsites turn to sources of health hazards to people living in the vicinity of such dumps. Therefore, this paper was designed to determine the frequency and to examine the health implications of contaminations of the experimented water samples at selected dumpsite locations in Nigeria. A Global Positioning System (Garmin GPS 72, RMS 95% typical) was employed to locate 20 specific sample points at 500 m radius from Aba-Eku and Ajakanga dumpsites. Sterilized 75 cl water bottles were used to collect water samples from shallow hand dug wells at an average depth of 8 m. PH meter, conductivity meter, Loviband digital analyzer, turbidity meter, and heavy metal monitoring equipment from Water Corporation of Oyo State Laboratory at Asejire were used to test for the following parameters; pH, Temperature, Conductivity, Total Suspended Solids (TSS), Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Turbidity, Lead(Pb), Copper(Cu), Iron(Fe), Chloride(Cl-), Ammonium(NH4+), Sulphate(S042-) and Calcium(Ca). The results were then analyzed using Quantum GIS Brighton 2.6 to derive the raster histograms of the sample results in order to determine the level of contamination of the well water. The results show that the level of contamination of each well varies directly on the location of each well. The farther the well is located, the lesser the level of contamination and the closer the well is located, the more the wells are exposed to serious contaminations from the dumpsite. Groundwater intended to be explored at a distance of less than100 m from any dumpsite should preferably be bore-holes or very deep wells.

Assessment of the Effects of Heavy Metals from Dumpsite Leachate on Groundwater Quality: a case study of Oyo Town, Nigeria PDFOlumuyiwa Idowu Ojo and Oluwatobi Idowu AlawodeThe aim of this work was to assess the impact of heavy metals from a functional waste dumpsite leachates on the groundwater integrity in the vicinity of the waste dumpsite located in Akunlemu/Ogeese community in Oyo town. Soil samples were collected from six different locations on the dumpsite at the surface at different location on the dumpsite. Six different groundwater samples were collected at various distances from the dumpsite. All the samples were examined for zinc, lead, copper, iron, cadmium and manganese. The levels of concentration of the heavy metals in the groundwater samples were compared with the WHO (World Health Organization) standard to check if their concentration is higher than the permissible limit or lower in the standard laid down.


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