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Armenian Cars: Tips and Tricks for Driving Safely and Comfortably

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In most countries, the side of the car on which a steering wheel is located usually corresponds inversely to the direction of car traffic. The United States, for example, which was the first nation to officially adopt right-hand traffic infrastructure in the early 1900s, keeps its steering wheels on the left side, as it was determined that having the driver seated near the center of the road would be more practical, enabling him or her to judge the space available when passing oncoming cars and to allow front-seat passengers (in particular, women) to get out of the car onto the pavement instead of into the middle of the street. In left-hand traffic jurisdictions, like Japan or the United Kingdom, the reverse is true.

armenian cars

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According to reports, Minister Vahan Martirosyan listened to the arguments presented by the protesters and said he was open to negotiations, but maintained his position that only left-hand drive cars should be operated on the roads. One protester even offered to take the minister out for an hour in his left-hand driving car to see how safe it was, but the minister declined.

Western automakers pulled out of the Russian market following the start of the war in Ukraine, pushing up the prices of new cars and forcing many Russians to switch to cheaper used models. Car traders from other nations, including Armenia, rushed to take advantage of the market opportunity.

Here are a bunch of cars I took pictures of. In most cases I got the emblem and a shot of the car, but sometimes I only got one, usually because I only had a couple seconds to grab it. The most common was Lada, which is a Russian carmaker. Most of the cabs are this make, but I only got a couple shots unfortunately. I think I saw so many that I naturally thought I had more pictures than I got!

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Strict rules, codes and governmental decisions are in place for outfitting cars with natural gas tanks and how the process should be regulated. However, the law is undermined when the relevant supervisory bodies are absent. In Armenia, several ministries perform regulation and oversight in the gas sector.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations and Territorial Administration regularly inspects natural gas filling stations, records violations and checks paperwork in order to eliminate or rectify flaws. The Ministry of Economy issues certificates to gas tank installers and testing facilities to ensure that vehicles fitted with natural gas tanks pass inspections once every two years. Stickers must appear in the upper right corner of windshields indicating the next inspection deadline. However, such stickers do not exist and very few motorists have their cars inspected every two to three years.

Armenian specialists consider interesting solutions for the development of autonomous cars. For more details, talked to Gurgen Mardoyan, member of the working group and representative of National Instruments. -Do you think Armenia can already offer certain solutions for the development of self-driving cars?- First of all, we work in the research area. Despite the fact that a number of companies already produce self-driving cars, most of them are still under research. We aim at improving autonomous systems with the help of accurate algorithms, necessary for developing proper decision-making processes. Autonomous cars will be more reliable, once they think like a human being. Armenian commercial companies and ANEL (Armenian National Engineering Laboratories) currently work in that direction. For example, an Armenian commercial company created a platform for developing object recognition algorithms through images. A camera will be placed on car windshield, which will capture the road and every object on it. With the help of recognition algorithms, the car will differentiate passing pedestrians from cars in real time and automatically stop upon detecting a pedestrian. Similar cams are based on smart algorithms, partially developed by an Armenian company. This is connected to recognition of objects through images and neural networks.

Iran's Ministry of Roads and Urban Development justified its decision by the fact that the Armenian side, contrary to the agreements reached, began collecting customs payments from Iranian cars in 2018. In addition, in early 2021 Armenia unilaterally canceled the deal on unloading and loading of cargo at the Meghri airport terminal.

The TrainsTo expedite the transfer of Armenians living in proximity of the railways, orders were issued instructing regional authorities to transport Armenian deportees by train. Instructions were explicit to the point of ordering the Armenians to be packed to the maximum capacity in the cattle cars which were used for their transport (Sonyel 1978, 8). The determination of the government to complete this task is demonstrated by the deportation of the Armenians in European Turkey who were ferried across the Sea of Marmara to Anatolia and then placed on trains for transport to Syria.

The removal of Armenians from Anatolia and historic Armenia was carried out mostly through forced caravan marches or by the use of trains. Although a large portion of the Armenians survived the horrific conditions of the packed cattle cars, they were not able to endure the Syrian desert where they were to die of hunger and thirst. In contrast, the majority of the Armenians in the caravans never reached the killing centers in the Syrian desert; many were murdered by raiding groups of bandits or died from exposure to the scorching days and cold nights. Most of those who were able to endure the "death marches" could not survive the starvation, exhaustion, or the epidemics that spread death in the concentration camps of the Syrian desert.

The persecution and later the abandonment of the Armenians left deep psychological scars among the survivors and their families. Sixty years after the genocide, a rage still simmered in the Armenian communities. Unexpectedly it exploded in a wave of terrorism. Clandestine Armenian groups, formed in the mid-1970s, sustained a campaign of political assassinations for a period of about ten years. They were responsible for killing at least two dozen Turkish diplomats.

Today, in the series "Inventions of the Armenians" we want to tell about the American inventor of Armenian descent, whose patented designs are used everywhere in the modern world - Oscar Banker. Among his works, the most famous and widely used one is an automatic transmission for a vehicle. When "General Motors" began to put in cars semi-automatic transmission mechanisms, they had many drawbacks. Oscar Banker offered an automatic transmission, which was much more reliable and durable. He was trying to defend his invention for about eight years, was fighting with car designing companies, but finally, his offer was accepted and "General Motors" immediately began to equip its cars with automatic gear boxes.

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In the Armenian Cars Simulator game for android, the user is waiting for a well-designed and exciting gameplay. He will visit several locations, work out his driving skills in different conditions. At his disposal will be a large selection of Russian and foreign cars. All machines have unique characteristics and fully correspond to their real prototypes.

In the morning, the vehicles belonging to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), which came from Khankandi and went to Lachin, returned to Khankandi. During the movement in both directions, there were residents of Armenian origin in the passenger cars of the ICRC

One day earlier, broadcast producer Anatoly Yeghiazarian was pushed to the ground, kicked in the stomach, and beaten by police officers while using his phone to film an effort by about 50 police to disperse cars that protesters had positioned to block a square in a southern Yerevan district. Yeghiazarian says he was attacked, despite showing the police his RFE/RL press badge and repeatedly stating his media affiliation.

Eight people have died in clashes between police and protesters in the Armenian capital Yerevan, the police said in a statement Sunday, hours after a state of emergency was imposed."The clashes between police and protesters left eight dead," the statement said, citing figures from the health ministry.The statement did not clarify whether the dead were protesters or police. It added that 33 police had been injured in the clashes. "The police are calling on all citizens to be careful, to hold back and to obey all the rules of the state of emergency," the statement read.Tanks and troops patrolled Yerevan Sunday after violent protests against alleged rigging of a presidential election in the ex-Soviet republic.The situation was calm following the imposition of a state of emergency late Saturday in response to rioting.The state of emergency will be in effect in the capital Yerevan until March 20 under a decree signed by President Robert Kocharian.A dozen armoured personnel carriers and about 100 soldiers stood guard outside the main government building and foreign ministry. Several tanks could be seen at the scene of the nighttime clashes between police and protestors.The last protestors dispersed during the night, but burnt-out cars, stones and poles still littered the streets.The violence began early Saturday when riot police cleared a central square where protestors had been camped since a February 19 presidential election won by Kocharian's ally, Prime Minister Serzh Sarkisian.The runner-up, opposition leader Levon Ter-Petrosian, said he had been placed under house arrest, although the government denied this.However, several thousand demonstrators quickly regrouped in another square.When police tried to disperse them after nightfall the protestors fought back with petrol bombs, sticks and stones. Police used tear gas and fired live ammunition into the air.Protestors finally left the streets after an appeal by their leaders.A police spokesman said earlier that eight police officers had suffered gunshot wounds during the unrest and that several were in a serious condition.Several protesters could be seen with head injuries and burns, but there was no official information on casualties among the demonstrators.The protesters had massed in Yerevan for an 11th consecutive day protesting alleged rigging of the presidential vote -- which Europe's main election monitoring organisation said "mostly" met international standards.Protesters claim the election was rigged to ensure victory for Prime Minister Serzh Sarkisian, a close ally of the outgoing president.Official results gave 52.9 percent of the vote to Sarkisian and 21.5 percent to Ter-Petrosian.


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