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Tumble PSN

Dropping the pieces into the tower is rather perilous though, and you really need to take your time before letting go of that trigger button. If the piece is let go too high, it may fall down at an angle and tumble off its destination. If you lower it too far before release, you may slam into the tower and knock down part of your structure. Instead, you should use your whole body to fine tune your release. A little too high? Use your knees to lower your stance. A bit too far out? Lean back a bit to bring the piece closer to the screen. You may even have to take a few steps around to find that perfect angle. This level of immersion really sets the game apart from other motion-controlled puzzlers, offering a unique experience that only the Move has been able to deliver.

Tumble PSN


Still, while the precision of the Move peripheral is undoubtedly a huge plus to the game, it does sometimes cause problems. After playing for an hour, your outstretched arm may not be as steady as it was earlier, and the game picks this up. If your hand is wobbling, so is its on-screen representation. While this can easily be remedied by taking the remote two-handed, or just switching hands, those born without the hands of a surgeon may find some of the game's later challenges to be a bit frustrating, causing a well-built tower to tumble just because you accidentally jostled the tip of the structure. 041b061a72


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