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Wolf Pack Season 1 - Episode 4 UPD

The Paramount Plus streaming platform and MTV Entertainment Studios debuted the first episode of Season 1 (Episode 101) on January 26-27, 2023 in the United States, Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean, Australia, South Korea, Ireland and the UK with debuts coming for Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and France as the platform reaches those countries. The season is also expected to stream on SkyShowtime in select territories in Europe.

Wolf Pack Season 1 - Episode 4

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So basically, this fake "MTV" account has been going viral, after posting fake spoilers and news about the "new season of Teen Wolf." YAYY, ikr. my thoughts and reaction exactly. But that was before, an investigator (forgot who, but they were investigating, so im calling them an investigator. I think they're acc name on yt was/is 'teen wolf news' or something like that:)...) ,,,, contacted Jeff Davis, who is the director of our fav infamous show, T.W., by email, stating current and recurring events and asking for true info and evidence to these statements being made. Jeff Davis said that him and the certain companies and all (again i kinda forgot) had maybe talked abt a reboot, but he's gotten no other info. abt such things. He also says that if there were to be a reboot, everything would have to be, idk.... REBOOTED!! Nothing would be the same.

I have to say Scott and Malia storyline this episode was probably one of my favorites those moments were adorable, especially when she was there for him when his mum was in surgery can't help but feel really bad for Scott loved seeing Deucalion again. Malia and Deucalion little play fight with Scott trying to help ,thought that was funny. Any scene with Peter is great ,he's just so funny especially when he's opposite Malia . Peter is right they can't win the war unless they're willing to kill which I think is interesting because it's always been a struggle for Scott. Later Malia tries convince Peter to join the fight even going as far as letting him into her head and shows him what the Anuk-ite is capable of but only scares himoff off even more but let us in on what's going on in Malia's mind and reveals that she wants to surround Scott with killers to protect him Maybe so he doesn't have to do it himself, A new pack called the Primal, which I think would have been really interesting to see them well see them alive but apparently the Anuk-ite has gotten to them

This episode it was definitely one of those bottle episode where everything happens in one place in one night which I sort of love those episodes to be honest I'm really not liking this Monroe character glad to see Theo make an appearance I was wondering when he was going to. The two werewovles from Satomis's confirmed in this episode spoiler alert apparently satomis's is dead after so-called truce meeting apparently those two are the last two werewolves left from her pack. I'm hoping Scott learns from her mistakes that these people don't want a truce they want them all dead. 041b061a72


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