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Luke Bailey
Luke Bailey

Blue Chips (1994)

He has never cheated on the recruiting rules and he doesn't want to start now. But the walls are closing in on him. He's after some hot high school prospects who are fairly frank about their requirements. "The way I see it," says one towering prospect from French Lick, Ind. (Larry Bird's hometown), "I'm a white, blue chip prospect and I think that should be worth about $30,000. In one of those athletic bags." Plus a new tractor for his dad's farm. A black inner-city kid from Chicago has a mom (Alfre Woodard) who would like a decent job, and a home with a lawn.

Blue Chips (1994)


Coach Pete Bell of Western University (Nick Nolte) is going through a nightmare season. After a decade of winning, his team is about to finish with a sub-.500 record for the first time in his tenure. It's not that his players don't have heart, but the Western University Dolphins are thin on talent, so getting several blue chip prospects becomes the driving motivation for the off-season. Coach Bell singles out three (Shaquille O'Neal, Anfernee Hardaway, and Matt Nover). They all like Western U, but two are demanding a little something "under the table", which goes against Coach Bell's principles. Nevertheless, facing another losing season, he is forced to consider that cars and cash might not be the worst price to pay. 041b061a72


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