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Futbol xeberleri: Benzema Sæudiyyæ Æræbistanı klubuna keçmæsinin sæbæbini açıqladı, İtaliya gænclær arasında dünya çempionatının 1/2 finalında Cænubi Koreyaya qalib gælib, İspaniyalı baş mæşqçi Azærbaycan millisinin yer aldığı qrupda favorit olmadıqlarını söylæyib

Futbol xeber: The latest football news from Azerbaijan and around the world

If you are a fan of football, or futbol as it is called in Azerbaijani, you probably want to keep up with the latest news and updates about your favorite sport. Whether it is about the national team, the domestic league, or the international competitions, there is always something interesting and exciting happening in the world of futbol. In this article, we will give you a summary of the most important futbol xeber from Azerbaijan and around the world.

Azerbaijan's national team prepares for Euro 2024 qualifiers

One of the biggest challenges for Azerbaijan's national team is to qualify for the European Championship, or Euro as it is commonly known. The tournament is held every four years and features 24 teams from across Europe. Azerbaijan has never qualified for the Euro before, but they have a chance to make history in 2024.

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The squad, the fixtures, and the expectations

The squad of Azerbaijan's national team is composed of players who play in Azerbaijan's Premier League or in other European leagues. The most notable players are Mahir Emreli, who plays for Lille in France; Emin Makhmudov, who plays for Fenerbahce in Turkey; and Ramil Sheydayev, who plays for Zorya Luhansk in Ukraine. The head coach of the team is Gianni De Biasi, an Italian who has been in charge since 2021.

The fixtures of Azerbaijan's national team for the Euro 2024 qualifiers are as follows:




September 6, 2023


Baku Olympic Stadium

October 8, 2023


Stade Josy Barthel

October 11, 2023


Baku Olympic Stadium

November 11, 2023


Estadio da Luz

November 14, 2023


Rajko Mitic Stadium

March 26, 2024


Baku Olympic Stadium

March 29, 2024


Aviva Stadium

June 4, 2024


Baku Olympic Stadium

The The expectations of Azerbaijan's national team are not very high, as they are in a tough group with Serbia, Portugal, Luxembourg, and Ireland. Serbia and Portugal are the favorites to qualify for the Euro 2024, as they have strong squads with players like Dusan Tadic, Aleksandar Mitrovic, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Bruno Fernandes. Luxembourg and Ireland are also tough opponents, as they have shown improvement and resilience in recent years. Azerbaijan will have to play with passion, discipline, and teamwork to have a chance of making history.

The rivals: Serbia, Portugal, Luxembourg, Ireland

Serbia is the highest-ranked team in the group, according to the FIFA World Ranking. They are currently in the 25th position, and they have qualified for the last two World Cups. They have a balanced squad with experienced players like Tadic, Mitrovic, Luka Milivojevic, and Aleksandar Kolarov. They also have some young talents like Filip Djuricic, Nemanja Radonjic, and Dusan Vlahovic. Serbia's style of play is based on physicality, creativity, and counter-attacking.

Portugal is the second-highest ranked team in the group, according to the FIFA World Ranking. They are currently in the 27th position, and they are the defending champions of the Euro. They have won the Euro 2016 and the UEFA Nations League 2019. They have a star-studded squad with players like Ronaldo, Fernandes, Joao Felix, Bernardo Silva, and Ruben Dias. They also have some promising youngsters like Pedro Neto, Trincao, and Nuno Mendes. Portugal's style of play is based on possession, flair, and versatility.

Luxembourg is the third-highest ranked team in the group, according to the FIFA World Ranking. They are currently in the 98th position, and they have never qualified for the Euro or the World Cup. They have a modest squad with players who mostly play in lower divisions or smaller leagues. The most notable players are Gerson Rodrigues, who plays for Dynamo Kyiv in Ukraine; Vincent Thill, who plays for Nacional in Portugal; and Maurice Deville, who plays for Saarbrucken in Germany. Luxembourg's style of play is based on organization, discipline, and hard work.

Ireland is the lowest-ranked team in the group, according to the FIFA World Ranking. They are currently in the 103rd position, and they have not qualified for the Euro since 2016 or the World Cup since 2002. They have a squad with players who mostly play in England or Scotland. The most notable players are Seamus Coleman, who plays for Everton; Shane Duffy, who plays for Brighton; and Aaron Connolly, who plays for Brighton. Ireland's style of play is based on passion, determination, and fighting spirit.

Azerbaijan Premier League: Qarabag dominates the domestic scene

The Azerbaijan Premier League is the top division of football in Azerbaijan. It was founded in 1992 and it consists of eight teams that play each other four times in a season. The champion of the league qualifies for the UEFA Champions League, while the runner-up and the third-placed team qualify for the UEFA Europa Conference League. The bottom two teams are relegated to the Azerbaijan First Division.

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The champions, the runners-up, and the relegated teams

The champion of the Azerbaijan Premier League in 2022-23 was Qarabag FK. They won their ninth consecutive title and their 15th overall. They finished with 68 points from 28 games, 13 points ahead of their closest rival Neftchi Baku. Qarabag FK also won the Azerbaijan Cup by beating Sumgayit FK 2-0 in the final.

The runner-up of the Azerbaijan Premier League in 2022-23 was Neftchi Baku. They finished with 55 points from 28 games, six points ahead of their third-placed rival Zira FK. Neftchi Baku also reached the semi-finals of the Azerbaijan Cup but lost to Sumgayit FK on penalties.

The relegated teams of the Azerbaijan Premier League in 2022-23 were Sabah FK and Sabail FK. They finished with 18 and 16 points respectively from 28 games. Sabah FK lost their last game 4-0 to Qarabag FK while Sabail FK lost their last game 3-0 to Zira FK.

The top scorers, the best players, and the awards

The top scorer of the Azerbaijan Premier League in 2022-23 was Mahir Emreli of Qarabag FK. He scored 18 goals in 26 games, averaging 0.69 goals per game. He also provided six assists and won the Player of the Season award.

The best player of the Azerbaijan Premier League in 2022-23 was Emin Makhmudov of Qarabag FK. He played 27 games as a midfielder and scored seven goals and provided 12 assists. He also won the Midfielder of the Season award and the Best Young Player award.

The awards of the Azerbaijan Premier League in 2022-23 were as follows:






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