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Buy Loose Diamonds Wholesale WORK

When you buy diamonds wholesale, you say goodbye to the middleman and their massive mark-up prices. Wholesalers usually offer diamonds at much lower prices than what you would pay at a branded jewelry store because overheads like distribution and marketing costs are already eliminated.

buy loose diamonds wholesale

So, buying directly from the wholesaler will assure you that you are getting the best price and help you save a huge amount of money. At the same time, it will ensure that you get the best stone within your budget.

This is because it is so much easier and cheaper to find a loose diamond with the right size, shape, color, and clarity for a much lower price than you could ever get in a branded jewelry store.

We know that diamonds come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and clarity. And then you also have to factor in design, setting, and budget. There are a lot of things to consider when buying diamonds that make things more challenging to find the perfect diamond for you.

This is why it is easier and more economical to buy wholesale loose diamonds. You can choose an oval, round, pear, radiant, asscher, marquise, princess, emerald, or cushion diamond of any carat and clarity you prefer at a much lower price.

Buying diamonds from a wholesaler, particularly an online diamond wholesaler, means that you can easily access a wide range of certified high-quality diamonds within your price points wherever you are.

Buying diamonds at wholesale prices will not only save you a lot of money, but it will also save you time and effort. There is no need for you to scout and visit many stores to find the perfect diamond you are looking for.

Buying wholesale diamonds also provides you the flexibility to have the diamond set into a jewelry design and setting of your choice. You can achieve your dream wedding ring, engagement ring, or any piece of jewelry at a much lower cost.Diamond becomes more expensive once it is cut and set into a piece of jewelry. This is specially if there are other precious metals and gems involved in the design. So, if you buy loose diamonds at wholesale prices, you can use your savings on setting and designing your piece of jewelry the way you want it.

"The diamond engagement ring--the most recognizable symbol of commitment-- unphased by time, trend or even economy. One would think, given the persistence of this steadfast tradition, diamond shopping would be a relatively transparent process. Well... not so much. Engagement ring shopping can be anxiety-inducing enough to compel the bravest of men to wait another year before popping the question. He and I had discussed THE engagement ring numerous times, and he also knew my very particular tastes so he wanted to ensure I was sigh and gush with whatever would adorn that important finger. Thank you Elan and 1800 loose diamonds for the blinged out reminder that I am one lucky girl."

Learning how to buy a loose diamond for an engagement ring or other piece of diamond jewelry can save you money and will allow you to choose your perfect diamond with exacting precision. Online diamond jewelers make it much easier to compare and select loose diamonds compared to visiting diamond wholesalers in places like the New York City diamond district.

If you go online, and you find a good retailer, you should be able to find virtually any popular diamond shape for a competitive price. If you are looking for the perfect engagement ring, something that you can really customize for that special somebody, then finding a good online retailer of loose stones is something we strongly recommend.

Diamonds come out of the ground rough with jagged uneven edges. Natural diamonds can have some unflattering shapes or qualities. Highly-skilled diamond cutters take rough diamonds and cut them into the common diamond shapes used in jewelry (e.g. round, princess, emerald, heart, etc.).

These diamonds are then offered for sale around the world first to diamond wholesalers and later to jewelers who set them in various pieces of jewelry. These jewelers then sell the piece accordingly, and a large part of pricing here involves the clarity grade of the diamond in question.

Larger loose diamonds (a half-carat or more) are more valuable and will be used as the center stone in diamond rings, pendants, and other jewelry. Yes, you can find large and polished diamonds in their loose form, before they get put on a setting, thus allowing you to choose your own combination.

Buying a loose diamond rather than pre-made jewelry allows you to purchase a diamond of exact specifications and use it in a custom setting. You may also save money by buying a loose diamond and having a jeweler set it for you. Buying a loose diamond online is generally one of the more affordable purchasing methods as far as the diamond market is concerned.

If you take the time to learn enough about diamonds (our diamond buying guide is a good place to start), you can save most of that markup by buying a loose diamond either from a diamond wholesaler or an online jeweler.

Diamond prices are set by something called the Rappaport Price Sheet. Because this universal price guide exists, dealers of loose diamonds are careful to set their prices according to the latest pricing guide. They will add a mark-up, of course, but it might be a reasonable 10%, for example, rather than the 50% mark-up at big jewelers.

The average consumer prefers a larger diamond that sparkles (has a very good or excellent cut). Color and clarity are often slightly less important. At mainstream jewelers, you will find lots of larger diamonds with yellowish tints and a few scratches (inclusions).

Most also provide 3D images of each individual stone. All of their diamonds are certified by leading independent grading laboratories. They also offer generous no-questions asked return policies because they want you to be happy with such an important purchase.

They have hundreds of different settings to choose from in both gold and platinum. Most diamonds can be paired with most settings. You can design and preview your setting online. They will then build it and ship it to you within a week or two.

There are pros and cons to buying loose diamonds. You can choose the exact diamond you want, and you may be able to save money. On the other hand, you will have to go through the extra step of designing your own setting and waiting for your ring to be built.

Another advantage to buying a loose diamond that has not yet been set is that you can truly see it in its true form. Sometimes settings are intentionally positioned to hide any flaws or blemishes in the diamond, meaning you see it in the store and then you get it home and under the right lighting, voila! Where did that spot come from?

Loose diamonds hold nothing back. It is a little more difficult to maneuver and must be handled only with tweezers by a skilled salesperson or professional jeweler, who can then show you the loose diamond under a gem scope or glass piece (loupe). A gem scope is the best way to see the innards and exterior of a loose diamond.

Buying a loose diamond eliminates many uncertainties, mainly about the setting. Plus, by not overpaying for an engagement ring setting, you will get exactly the diamond you want; with nothing more, or less.

James Allen is the most competitive diamond vendor with more than 150,000 loose diamonds in inventory. They have been a leader in selling diamonds online and pioneered 3D imaging so you can see the exact diamond you're buying in exquisite detail. You'll find it hard to beat James Allen in terms of price or selection. Read our James Allen review.

Whiteflash is the home of "A Cut Above" diamonds which are among the best quality round- and princess-cut diamonds in the world. With superior diamond photographs and videos, Whiteflash's diamonds seem to come to life -- even online. Read our Whiteflash review.

Thepurpose of this article is not to sell you anything or to advertise to you butto educate you. As a company, Petra Gems is dedicated to the transparent tradeof diamonds and precious gemstones. The more transparent the industry, the healthier it is for its credibility in the long term.

For the diamond industry to function as a machine, there arefour broad categories of players that are highly interdependent on the input ofeach other. These include the miners, the dealers (often the buyers of therough diamonds, which are cut into final products), the designers of jewelry,and the retailers. Let me explain how each one depends on the other so that youunderstand why it is unlikely for you to buy a diamond wholesale as a consumer.

Let mebegin with the Miners. In the formal diamond industry that only deals inconflict-free diamonds and ones verified by the Kimberly process,only sizeable multinational diamond corporations, such as De Beers or AlRosa, can be successful miners. Running a mine and managing its risks require amassive upfront cost (many mines fail after huge investments in them). Oncethese miners mine the stones, they often sell them as rough uncut diamonds inlarge quantities to established diamond dealers. For example, to buy from DeBeers, you need to be a sightholder (Global Sightholder Sales),which alone could cost millions. A prominent sightholder is Kiran Gems inIndia, one of the leaders in polished diamonds, but they do not sell toconsumers. I explain below why.

In thenext phase of this supply chain, dealers cut/polish diamonds for resale toretailers. Kiran Gems would be an example of a dealer. Around 90%+ of alldiamonds are cut and polished in Surat, a small city in Gujarat, India. Oncethe stones are cut, they are often taken to one of the regional trading hubs,Mumbai, Honk Kong, Antwerp, Tel Aviv, and New York City.

For thediamonds to be sold, a comprehensive marketing and sales funnel need to be setup to sell diamonds in volume to sustain the dealers' costs. Advertising needsto happen, shops need to be open, and customer support needs to be provided,but dealers need the means or expertise. Therefore, dealers depend on theexpertise of three sets of retailers: designers of jewelry, brick and motherstore retailers, and online retailers. 041b061a72


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