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Woh Bangaya Killer: The Hindi Film That Shows The Dark Side Of Rape And Revenge

Hindi Film Woh Bangaya Killer Download: A Revenge Thriller That Will Keep You On The Edge Of Your Seat

If you are looking for a Hindi film that will keep you hooked with its action, romance, and suspense, then you should check out Woh Bangaya Killer. This movie is a revenge thriller that tells the story of a man who becomes a killer as he goes about taking revenge on rapists. The movie was released in 2017 and directed by Dinesh Makwana. It stars Dharmesh Makwana and Kajal Patel in the lead roles. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Woh Bangaya Killer, including its plot, cast, reviews, songs, trailers, awards, and how to download it legally and safely.

Hindi Film Woh Bangaya Killer Download

What is Woh Bangaya Killer about?

Woh Bangaya Killer is a Hindi movie that belongs to the genre of action, romantic, thriller. It is a story of a man who becomes a killer after his sister is raped and killed by some goons. He decides to take the law into his own hands and punish the culprits. He also falls in love with a girl who supports him in his mission. However, he faces many challenges and dangers as he goes on his killing spree. Will he be able to avenge his sister's death? Will he be able to protect his love? Will he be able to escape from the police? These are some of the questions that the movie answers.

The plot of the movie

The movie begins with a flashback where we see a young boy named Raju witnessing his sister being raped and killed by some goons. He tries to save her but fails. He grows up with a trauma and a hatred for rapists. He becomes a mechanic and lives with his uncle. He also meets a girl named Pooja who works as a dancer in a club. They fall in love with each other. One day, Raju sees one of the rapists who killed his sister in a car showroom. He follows him and kills him brutally. He then finds out the names and addresses of the other rapists from his phone. He decides to kill them all one by one. He also leaves a note saying "Woh Bangaya Killer" (He became a killer) at every crime scene.

Meanwhile, the police start investigating the murders and suspect Raju's involvement. They also find out that Raju has a past history of violence and mental instability. They try to catch him but he manages to evade them. He also gets support from Pooja who believes in his cause. She helps him hide from the police and provides him with weapons and information. However, things get complicated when Raju's uncle gets kidnapped by one of the rapists who wants to take revenge on him. Raju has to save his uncle and kill the last rapist before the police catch him.

The movie ends with a climax where Raju confronts the last rapist who is also the leader of the gang. He fights with him and kills him after a fierce struggle. He then rescues his uncle and escapes from the police. He meets Pooja at a railway station where they plan to run away together. However, b70169992d


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