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What is Total Goals Betting? How to Bet on Total Goals Easily

Total goals betting, though one of the most enticing odds for bettors, is not easy to conquer.

Based on the total number of goals, it differs from even/odd or over/under bets.

To avoid confusion, read the following instructions carefully.

What is Total Goals Betting?

Total goals betting is a type of king of soccer tips wager where the bookmakers set odds based on the total score in 90 minutes of official play (or one half).

This type of bet offers multiple betting options, each corresponding to different odds, with the most likely outcome having the lowest odds.

How to Bet on Total Goals Easily

Total goals betting is fun and straightforward.

Goals are a crucial statistic in football betting, widely used across various betting types because they are fundamental to match outcomes.

For this bet, players need to predict approximately the total valid goals scored by both teams within ranges like 0-1, 2-3, or 4-6…

Thus, players need not focus on which team wins or loses.

However, accurately predicting the total goals for the entire match is not simple.

Therefore, while the odds for this bet are high due to the basis for analysis, many players tend to participate.

Detailed Guide to Betting on Total Goals

Betting on total goals is not difficult, but you need to grasp some basic knowledge to bet confidently.

Do not worry because I will guide you through it step by step.

a) How to Read the Odds Table

On the bookmaker's board, you will encounter symbols such as:

Essential Information: Tournament + Two teams.

Betting Release Time: First Half (H1) or Full Time (FT).

Next, pay attention to options like:

First Half: There are 3 betting options—0-1 goal / 2-3 goals / 4 goals or more...

Full Time: 0-1 goal / 2-3 goals / 4-6 goals / 7 goals or more.

Total Goals Betting

Predicting the total number of goals, the more difficult the score range, the higher the odds.

According to convention, each betting option corresponds to a specific index, which is the winning odds.

If the prediction is correct, the amount won will be multiplied by these winning odds.

b) Rules for Calculating Betting Ticket Results

Bookmakers stipulate that goals counted are those officially recognized by referees, which may be displayed on the electronic scoreboard announcing the match results.

If a match is canceled before or during the match, the betting ticket will also be canceled.

In this case, players will receive exactly the amount of money they bet.

c) How to Place Bets

When entering a match and placing a bet, pay attention to the following points:

Players can bet before the match or during it. If betting during the match, the result will be calculated from the time the ticket is confirmed until the odds are released.

Betting Time: First Half or Full Time.

Odds: Calculated at the time the bet is successfully placed.

Betting Method: Online betting enthusiasts only need to click directly on the betting odds, enter the amount into the betting ticket, and confirm.

d) How to Calculate Betting Money

The odds used by bookmakers for secondary bets are Asian handicap odds, so the winnings and losses of the bet are calculated as follows:

Winnings = Capital x separate bonus odds.

Losses = Losing bet money.

3 Valuable Tips for Betting on Total Goals

As mentioned above, although it is not easy to predict, this type of bet has a basis for analysis, so many players participate.

Some valuable tips will help you succeed when betting.

The best way to play total goals betting is to play multiple options.

Because the odds are high, total goals betting allows players to bet on more than one option.

Usually, players will bet on the main option and 1 to 2 side options. With this approach, you may not receive a huge bonus, but football tips free today is very safe with just enough profit.

Betting Experience on Total Goals

Betting on total goals requires courage.

Based on the result of the last few meetings, make a prediction.

The history of the closest matches of the total goals will be the best basis for accurate analysis.

Most experts will play the most common results or may take the average of the recent matches. This will be a very accurate index.

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