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Mid-Century (2022)

In 2022, Alice is a doctor who is harassed by her superior and is traumatized from her time working during the COVID-19 pandemic. She and her architect husband Tom go on a weekend getaway to San Diego and rent a mid-century modern home, the same that was built by Frederick, from a mysterious man named Eldridge. While there, strange events occur including a bird crashing into the window, doors opening by themselves, and a shadowy figure watching the couple while they have sex. As night falls, a delivery driver tells Tom about Eldridge, stating he freaks him out. After driving away, his tire pops and a man stabs him in the chest. Following dinner, Alice goes to interview at a hospital for a new job. The delivery driver is sent to Alice's hospital but she is unable to save him. After finding the receipt for the order in his pocket, officer Raquel and her partner interrogate her, inquiring if Tom had anything to do with the murder.

Mid-Century (2022)

What went wrong with architecture? In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, design and space stopped being restricted to the absurdly wealthy, and instead architects started considering both the needs and wants of working class. The peak of this movement was arguably the mid-century, when the post-war suburban expansion meant that well-designed and aesthetically-pleasing houses were affordable and desirable. Somewhere in the eighties, this collapsed into the plague of the McMansion, where size was centered over visual appeal, and now we're stuck with the current wave of shoddily-constructed generiboxes, selected from design catalogues with little interest in setting, location, or anything beyond number of rooms.

In MID-CENTURY, ER doctor Alice (Chelsea Gilligan) and her architect husband, Tom (Shane West), hope to repair their struggling marriage during a getaway in a beautiful mid-century home designed by the famous Frederick Banner (Stephen Lang). After poking around, they realize that they're in Banner's actual home. They fight, and Alice leaves for work while Tom starts researching the house. He uncovers disturbing information about Banner. Creepy figures begin to lurk in the corners, and a strange woman (Sarah Hay) appears. Everything leads up to the night of the Blood Wolf Moon -- and a bizarre ritual that could put Alice in danger.

Shane West (The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) and Chelsea Gilligan are moving into the scariest mid-century modern you can possibly imagine in the new Collider-exclusive trailer for the horror-thriller Mid-Century. Directed by Sonja O'Hara (Doomsday), the film centers both on the occult and the deranged past that haunts the home, from the murders committed by its architect to the ghosts still roaming its halls. The trailer builds intrigue for exactly what secrets the house has for the couple and teases everything that goes bump as their investigation brings them closer to the truth. The Lionsgate film will open in theaters, On Demand and Digital June 17.

As ER doctor Alice (Gilligan) and her husband Tom (West) move into their rental mid-century modern, they slowly start to piece together everything wrong with the house. Architect Frederick Banner (Stephen Lang) designed the building but as the opening scene shows, he has a checkered past, murdering one of his wives in front of his young son Eldridge (Mike Stern). Reports of his life also detail his seeming obsession with the occult. Through their investigation, the couple learns of Banner and his wives' mysterious disappearance and meets a now-grown Eldridge who owns the house, which begins to grow their suspicions about this seemingly-glamorous setup.

Becomes so married to its message that we're ultimately left unsatisfied despite a very intriguing premise involving problematic mid-century art and architectural design. Stephen Lang does sinister masterfully when he's onscreen, which is sadly not enough. Badly distracting CG throughout is a particular crime since this has a handsome look overall. Another lukewarm title that's probably destined for Horror Pack in a few months. 5.2/10

Fell asleep halfway through. Restarted from the mid-century of what this movie feels like and it still drags and doesn't make much sense. An exercise in how to direct a horror thriller with maximum incomprehensibility and as a side effect killing any hope at being horrifying or terrifying.

Mid-Century stars Shane West and Chelsea Gilligan as Tom and Alice, an architect and doctor, respectively, who plan a weekend getaway and rent a beautiful mid-century home to escape for a few days. When they arrive at the home, Tom realizes that it was designed by his architectural idol, Frederick Banner (Stephen Lang), an infamous figure who was also deep into the occult. As they settle into the home, and Tom learns more and more about Banner's private life, it's clear that a few things are very wrong in this house. Is Tom seeing things, or is something else going on in the beautifully designed dwelling?

The College has created a self-guided campus walking tour, highlighting the facilities that were added during the mid-century architectural period. Patrons can pick up the self-guided walking tour map and brochure in the lobby of the Wentz Concert Hall and Fine Arts Center during the Grand Opening Reception and subsequently during visits to the Schoenherr Gallery.

Midland has more than 440 documented mid-century modern structures integrated into its cityscape. Although these structures are visible throughout the community, several neighborhoods have concentrations of mid-century modern buildings.

McDonald credits Alden B. Dow for bringing modernism to Midland, stimulating those who worked with him and architects who were inspired by him. He explained that Dow designed only one of the 42 mid-century modern homes in the Crescent Drive neighborhood.

In addition to the interior of three homes, signs will be placed in the yards of all the mid-century modern homes in the Crescent neighborhood. The signs will denote the architects and designers of each structure. Participants can also use the Mid-Century Modern app to look up structures on their devices and walk around the neighborhood.

Shopping for a new sofa isn't always easy, but one way you can narrow in on your perfect choice is by looking for a specific style. If mid-century modern pieces speak to you, then why get a sofa to match your aesthetic? Of course, you'll want one that's comfy, too, so we're here to help you shop. We scoured the internet for the chicest and coziest picks that'll instantly make your living room feel like new. From space-saving choices to large sectionals and even a few colorful ones, we found it all.

Want a space-saving sectional? Then behold the Novogratz Magnolia Velvet Pillow Back Sectional ($700). Not only is the size just right for smaller rooms, but it's also velvet, making it extra stylish too. We especially love the wood legs that give it a mid-century modern look too. With minimal assembly, you'll be able to enjoy this sofa right after it arrives.

If you're all about the style, and mid-century modern speaks to you, then consider the AllModern Luo Reversible Sofa and Chaise ($1,030, originally $1,115). The statement piece features a tufted cushion seat, wood legs, cute side pillows, and of course, a pretty velvet finish. It comes in a few color choices ranging from something pink and pastel like this, to more neutral shades. It's delivered to your doorstep and there's minimal assembly required.

Another member of the Wayfair family, Joss & Main is one of our go-to sources for affordable furniture of all types, including mid-century modern sofas. Their wide selection has something for everyone, and you can often find deep discounts on their already-reasonable prices. Such is the case with this gorgeous square-armed sofa, which is upholstered in a blend of linen and polyester, has slightly tapered block legs, and features a classic Chesterfield silhouette.

Furniture is a crucial aspect when you want to create the perfect environment for your home and have a truly welcoming space. Each area of your home needs a special touch, so you must have a wisely choice about the furniture you will choose to have the atmosphere you always wanted. In this article, we will show you 5 must-have mid-century furniture! Stay tuned!

The first must-have mid-century furniture that we going to introduce you is Sherman Sofa. This mid-century sofa, a timeless trend, is the perfect combination of modernity, style, high-quality materials, and craftsmanship! This is what made Sherman a bestseller and a must-have!

Dandy Sideboard is very versatile! It can be used as a drinks cabinet and be placed in a living room or even in a dressing room. This sleek and stylish sideboard resembles a kitsch radio because of its shape and the use of grill cloth on the doors. The versatile of this mid-century piece is what made it a truly

Monocles Side Table is another best seller of Essential Home, a perfect furniture piece for the ones that are truly retro and mid-century lovers. If you are a fan of the James Bond world, you will certainly be fascinated with this piece! Made in solid walnut wood and brass with knurled details.

Mid-century modern design is one that aims to blend manmade elements with natural elements. Wood, glass, metal, marble and other natural materials are used next to metal and plastic. And houseplants are the perfect mid-century modern accessory to add life into your design and bring nature indoors.

Another essential tip to mid-century design is to ensure the scale of your furniture fits the scale of the room. You might think that mid-century modern only features smaller-sized furniture, but those are just for smaller-sized rooms. So, if you have a larger space and have petite-sized furniture, they'll look even smaller and out of place. 041b061a72


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